The Dad's Army Theme tune was penned by Jimmy Perry and Derek Taverner in 1968. The feel of the tune and the sentiment in the lyrics are so 'right' that many believe they are listening to a real war-time song. Bud Flanagan sang the lyrics, it was his last song recorded before he died. There have been many versions recorded at different stages, including one by Arthur Lowe.

 Who Do You Think You

Who do you think you

The 'Dad's Army Choir' produced two 7" singles.
This choir consisted of the main seven members, with the addition of Hodges (Bill Pertwee) for 'We Stood Alone'. None made an impact on the British Hit Parade, although 'We Stood Alone' seemed to be played more often.
The 'Dad's Army March' tune featured in the Feature Film. As far as I'm aware they have not been included on any LP/CD or compilation release.

 WE STOOD ALONE (Worth)  When walls have

The 'B' Side of the single was sung by all in the style of Flanagan & Allen.
It's quite a sad song, highlighting the demise of neighbourhoods after the war.


Down Our Way

Down our way,
England is changing
Down our way,
They say, that they’re rearranging it,

Our way.
Friendly rows of terraced houses
Make way for maisonettes
And fish and chip shops overnight
Are changing into launderettes
And where will the kids play? It’s like a jungle

Down our way.
They say we rough and tumble it
Our way
When you look around,
The changing face of every town,
You live it again, remembering when

Down our way…

The roundabout man who stood and cried "a jamjar or a penny a ride!"

Down our way.
And Granny would sit out on the step while Jimmy ran off to place a bet
Down our way.
Corner pubs with beer pump handles,
Made of shiny brass
It won’t be long before they serve us pinters in a plastic glass
Tomorrow’s a grey day, it’s made of concrete
Down our way
They say, we rough and tumble it
Our way
When you look around, the changing face of every town
It makes you feel sad,
“It wasn’t so bad…”
Down our way…


What did you do in

Oh, what a terrible war. You

"To keep off the Hun,

 Oh what ...etc

"With terrible air-raids, we stayed

Oh what .... etc 

"Standing alone in a meadow

Oh what .... etc

"One night we did hear

Oh what .... etc

"I'm Scottish, I'm proud to

Oh what .... etc

"While in charge of the

Oh what .... etc

"We protected the land, we

We had a hell of

1971 Columbia Records DB8766  Produced



From the shops and farms

1971 Columbia Records DB8766 Produced by




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