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During the early seventies when video tape was a relatively new and expensive medium used in television production, it was normal procedure to erase tapes containing programmes for re-use.
This was a time before home video recorders took off, although there were several on the market in use by enthusiasts.

It was during this time that several episodes of Dad's Army were wiped over, including what was thought to be the whole of the second series.

Fortunately, several episodes have come to light, including the discovery of the episodes 'The Battle of Godfrey's Cottage' and 'Operation Kilt', both from series two.

The episodes that remain to be found are 'Under Fire', 'A Stripe for Frazer' and 'The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker'. In addition to these, there are several short sketches written for 'A Christmas Night with the Stars' which are also missing.

If you do (by some miracle) have any of the missing episodes on video tape, please get in touch by email. CLICK HERE

Scene from 'Under Fire'

Scene from 'The Loneliness of

Lost Episode Details

Under Fire. First broadcast Saturday 05/04/1969
A local resident is suspected of signalling to the enemy. The platoon go to investigate.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Walker. First broadcast Saturday 15/03/69
Walker receives his call up. Can his platoon help him to fail his medical?

A Stripe for Frazer. First broadcast Saturday 29/03/69
Captain Mainwaring has a vacancy for a Corporal, Jones and Frazer compete for promotion.
An audio recording of the above was discovered in 2008

Lost Sketch Details

Christmas Night with the Stars. First broadcast Wednesday 25/12/68
It's Christmas morning parade, and Mainwaring is confronted by a platoon of Father Christmases
- each has their own excuse.
An audio recording of the above was discovered in 2008

Christmas Night with the Stars. First broadcast Friday 25/12/70
The platoon are rehearsing 'The Cornish Floral Dance' alongside the Wardens and some of the ladies
of Walmington-on-Sea.

This item was also chosen to be performed at the 1975 'Royal Variety Performance'.

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