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Following an unsuccessful effort in 1990, Bill Pertwee asked Tadge Muldoon, a long time Dad's Army fanatic, to form a new society in 1993. This became the 'The New Dad's Army Appreciation Society' (the 'new' was later dropped in May 1995).

Sadly Tadge died during 1995 in his early thirties. He had set the scene, and his hard work was taken up by Jack Wheeler, who, along with assistance from Paul Carpenter, Nick Randall and Tony Pritchard, took the membership from around 300 members to the 1,400+ which we have today.

Jack Wheeler has sadly passed away, but his commitment to the Society will not be forgotten by the many people he has helped over the years. Paul & Tony continue to run the DAAS.

The Society publishes a regular magazine 'Permission to Speak, Sir' which carries articles about the show, and events involving the society and its members. Regular gatherings are held, in addition to our annual event at the Bressingham Steam Museum, home of the National Dad's Army Collection.

Members have joined from far and wide, helped by the creation, by Dave Homewood in April 1995, of the (now closed) New Zealand Branch. Dave had been successful in rooting out information and publishing many interesting articles for the DAASNZ quarterly newsletter 'Platoon Attention'.

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Joining the UK
Dad's Army Appreciation Society

What do I get?

Regular full colour Magazine three times a year
Discounts on new Dad's Army items
Regular Members events & Tours
DAAS self cling window sticker
News of forthcoming releases
Opportunities to meet the remaining cast
Access to our extensive DA related Video & Audio Libraries

How much does it cost?

UK residents
New Annual membership 13.00
Annual Membership Renewal 10.00

New Annual membership 25 Euro
Annual Membership Renewal 20 Euro

New Annual membership 25.00
Annual Membership Renewal 20.00

How do I pay?

At the moment we can only accept cheques or bankers orders in UK Sterling unless you pay on-line using PayPal (see below)

Payment to be made out to 'DAAS'

If applying by post, please complete the membership form
below and send it with your payment

Click here to download Membership 

Who do I apply to?

Tony Pritchard
c/o The Dad's Army Appreciation Society
41 Borough Close
Kings Stanley
GL10 3LJ


To Apply on line using 'Pay Pal'
Click here.

No membership form required for on-line payments


Any questions?

email us CLICK HERE

Dad's Army creators and authors Jimmy Perry &
the late David Croft at one of our UK Conventions.

Can I join the DAAS at any time of year?
Yes. your membership will start from the next available magazine. You will receive three magazines per term of membership, and be reminded of renewal upon receiving the third. Your membership card may arrive with your first magazine, and the expiry date may be less than a year, as this is the date you will be sent a reminder - it doesn't affect your membership - you will always receive three magazines.

Can you get me autographs of the actors?
No, not directly. The DAAS hold occassional functions at which some of them appear. These are always informal (no queuing up etc) and they are pleased to see you there.
We can help members by posting on enquiries or requests, as long as the postage is prepaid. Always include a return envelope and postage with any communication - it's polite, and you are more likely to receive a reply!

I would like to write to them, can I have their addresses?
Certainly not! We are not allowed to publish any personal details (actors, members etc) under the Data Protection Act without their express permission.

Are back issues of the society magazine available?
There are a limited number available to new and existing members from the member's area of this website.

Is there a junior membership option?
No. All members receive the same package

Do you issue the magazine in any other format (pdf, text files etc)?
No, currently we only provide printed copies to all members. Please bear this in mind if it is a problem before joining.

Do you sell tapes or videos?
No, CDs, Videos and Audio Tapes and books are not available from us.

Do you accept credit cards?
Only with payments made through 'Pay Pal'.

Are you arranging a Dad's Army event near where I live?
We encourage members to arrange local events, so the answer is yes - when will you organise it?

I want to get in touch with fellow Dad's Army fans - what's the best way to do it?
If you wish to contact other members, and because we cannot forward their details to you (see above), the best option would be for you to submit a request for us to publish in the society magazine. Alternatively, join one of the number of Dad's Army Facebook communities.

Who is still alive from the original cast?
Arthur Lowe, John LeMesurier, Clive Dunn, John Laurie, Arnold Ridley, James Beck, Bill Pertwee, Pamela Cundell, Talfryn Thomas, Eric Longworth, Colin Bean, Janet Davies, Edward Sinclair and writers Jimmy Parry and David Croft have all passed away. Many others from the supporting cast are also deceased. However, many of the prodction team are still alive!

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