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Published on 31July 2018.

Copies may still be available from the Dad's Army Museum, Thetford

Price 19.00 (RRP 19.95) plus P&P

Dad’s Army was 50 years old in 2018, and to commemorate this milestone, a new edition of the Dad’s Army Companion was published.

First published in 2004, the Companion was a must have reference book for Dad’s Army fans and quickly sold out. Much has happened since 2004, not least the discovery of two lost episodes and a new feature film

The new full colour edition has been revised, updated, enhanced and contains more information than before in over 400 pages designed to sit alongside your DVD collection.

Contents are:

Revised TV Episode Guide (over 200 pages!)
Each episode has been painstakingly annotated, with cultural references and sayings explained.
A four point synopsis to each programme.
Interesting facts associated with individual episodes have also been included.
Full cast and production crew are listed as well as location details and images for each series.
The Special episodes will be included in this listing

Radio Series Guide

Feature Films Guide (new for 2018 - the 2016 remake)

Stage Show Guide (new for 2018 - the nationwide stage show adaptions)

It Sticks Out Half a Mile

Related appearances


Song Lyrics (new for 2018)

BBC Audio and Video releases

Collectors Series (new for 2018)

The Rear Guard

Games and other official merchandise


Dad’s Army in comics

The Dad’s Army Museums (new for 2018)

Appreciation Society

Jones’ Van (new for 2018)

Vehicles Used – TV & film

Full Actors Index for TV, Radio & Film