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These pages are dedicated to the hit BBC comedy series 'Dad's Army' which ran for nine years from 1968 until 1977. It spawned a full length feature film, a radio series and a musical stage show.
2019 marks the shows 51st anniversary and the Society's 26th.

The DAAS is run by a small group of individuals and has members from all parts of the globe. The Society is dedicated to keeping the show alive and we have accumulated many rare items, including video and audio material, cine film and many on location photographs. Our collection is available for all members to borrow through our video and audio libraries. We have also collected information from a variety of people involved in the making of the series, including many local people involved in one way or another when they were filming, mainly around the Thetford area of Norfolk.

The Society produces a full colour magazine for members three times a year and arranges a regular members dinner which, so far, have been attended by several of the original cast, in addition to other events in the year.

The Society, in conjunction with The Bressingham Steam Museum, near Diss in Norfolk, set up the Dad's Army Collection which was officially opened on 14 May 2000 by the shows creators Jimmy Perry & David Croft. Here, in a full size representation of Walmington-on-Sea, many of our accumulated items are on display, along with some of the vehicles used in the series.

In addition to the Bressingham collection, at nearby Thetford they have created their own Dad's Army Museum to commemorate the towns association with the programme. It was here that the cast and crew stayed and used many parts of the town for location filming.
The Friends of Thetford Dad's Army Museum commissioned a full size bronze statue of Arthur Lowe as Captain Mainwaring which was unveiling in June 2010 by the late David Croft.
In November 2012 the museum also acquired Jones' van and has been on show at its new home from Easter 2013.

The feature film released in February 2016 was shot in and around Bridlington, starring a number of classic actors filling the boots of the original cast.

Three of the 'lost' episodes have been recreated by UK TV, to the original scripts and production techniques. These were aired in the summer of 2019.

If you want to know more, we hope these pages will provide some background information, and if you are a fan already, We hope they will add to your enjoyment.


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